feels proud after giving voice to Syed Haque’s last poem

feels proud after giving voice to Syed Haque’s last poem

fahmida nabiPopular and talented singer Fahmida Nabi, who has the credit to sing the final song written by Natyacharya Selim Al Deen, has now got the opportunity to lend her vocal to the last song written by recently-demised multifaceted litterateur Syed Shamsul Haq.

Based on his realisation about the life, Syed Haq had written a poem titled ‘Mrittikar Ghono Ondhokar’ lying in a hospital bed during his last few days before he passed away on September 27.

Noted music director Shiekh Sadi Khan composed tune and music of the song from that poem. Fahmida gave her vocal for the song.

The recording of the song was completed at Bangladesh Television (BTV) on October 4.
Fahmida Nabi termed the opportunity as a memorable incident of her life.

Anchored by Afzal Hossain, Fahmida Nabi will be seen performing the song in a programme titled ‘Hrod Kolomer Tane’ on October 8 on BTV after the 8pm news. Under the overall supervision of director general of BTV Harun-or-Rashid, the programme is produced by Mahbuba Ferdous.

Fahmida Nabi said about the song, “For me, this is really a matter of great fortune that I got the opportunity to lend my vocal to the last song of Haq uncle (Syed Shamsul Haq). While rendering the song, I tried to feel that how he wrote the poem encountering the death so closely. When a creative person left us throwing a question, it’s really tough to find out its answer. In the beginning, I couldn’t enter into the song; but when I was lost in the song, then I didn’t find myself anymore.”

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