Through the vein Samina Chowdhury and Fahmida Nabi

Through the vein Samina Chowdhury and Fahmida Nabi

Fahmida nabi and samina chowdhury interviewStar Showbiz presents to you chat with the daughters of the late great Mahmudun Nabi, the two musical sisters Fahmida Nabi and Samina Chowdhury. Following their father’s foot step, they have reached the standard set by their late father and set a bar for future generations to follow. Both the sisters started singing at a very early age and made their way to the music industry with numerous hit lists and awards.

Favourites: – –


Fahmida: Any color with a matte or frosted finish but black and red are evergreen.

Samina: I love all the seven colors but I surely have a fascination for fluorescent colors, and black is my favorite.


Fahmida: I love Japanese food but to be on the desi side I love ‘motachal-er bhat’ (thick rice) with dal (pulse) and chicken curry with all the right masala, and there is always a special place for fish on my plate.

Samina: Well you can already see it that I love food so I cannot just choose one.


Fahmida:Roman Holiday, Sound of Music and Jibon Theke Meya

Samina: UmraoJaan (1981), Uttam-Suchitra classics and of course Razzak-Kobori hits


Fahmida: Razzak-Kobori for the older times and Api Karim and Farhana Mili from the younger ones, amazing artists they both are

Samina: Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen and Rekha


Fahmida: Saree

Samina: Saree

Tell us something that you love about singer Samina Chowdhury and something that you love about your sister Samina.

Fahmida: As a person or sister, I would say Samina is very caring in a way that she can nurse people very well. She can take great care of a human being, whenever someone is sick at home it is always her responsibility and she does it beautifully, and for this she wanted to become a doctor. But now that she is a singer, I love how she manages everything; she is a perfectionist when it comes to music.

How are your thoughts about your sister and singer Fahmida?

Samina: Fahmida is very good at organizing, whenever we have a party or even small get-togethers she will manage everything single handed. For her singing I really have nothing to say because our father (late Mahmudun Nabi) said it already “Or golae makhon ache” (her voice is smooth as butter). But something that bothers me is that she tends to forget lyrics.

We always see you on television with a flower tucked on the corner, is there anything special about it?

Fahmida: This really does not have much of a significance (both laughing), we do not like wearing much jewellery so we just pick of flowers anywhere from our way to any function and now this has become our signature.

you always have a red bangle on your right hand, is there a story behind it?

Samina: (laughing) this is not the first time I have encountered this question. One time before a show I was getting ready and when I was about to leave, my niece told me I looked empty without any jewelry and forced me to wear this bangle. I never wear bangles because they never fit me right so the same thing happened and I couldn’t take it off. So that’s that, and it has been like this since then, not at all a happening story. (laughing again)

If I am not wrong I have heard from somewhere that there was something between you two and for that you stopped talking directly to each other, will you share it with us?

Samina: It all started a long time back with a saree (laughs), we bought two sarees and our mother did not like one, she insisted on going to the market and changing it but I did not feel the urge too, since it was a gift from our aunt and thought would convince our mother. What I did not realize is that she wanted to go to meet his boyfriend (husband now) and went ignored her since I had a recording at the radio. As I went out she walked straight towards me and slapped hard, that was when I realized her secret behind insisting. I cried all my way to the radio and after a while her friend showed up, and insisted on me going back. Later that night we met at our aunt’s house and as I was about to fix things Fahmida blamed me for being rude to her friend. That is how it all started and it has been like that since then, we would talk in third person and everyone we know were irritated by this.

Didn’t you never feel like fixing things?

Samina: It is not that we are not normal to each other; it’s just that we were like best of friends before, but it was never the same after the incident and we are both now accustomed to this.

Fahmida: There is a saying that “I have started a journey but nor do I want to reach the destination neither do I want to go back, for I am in love with the road”. It is like that, we never became too close again nor did we stop talking to each other, it was always some-

where in between and we liked it this way.

What do you have in store for your fans and the music industry?

Samina: I was being quite lazy lately but I along with Fahmida are working on an album with our brother Paancham and a very famous musician and singer from Kolkata, Nachiketa. We are looking forward to releasing it this year, hoping for the best

Along with this album do you intend on working with Bappa Mazumder on another of “Ek Mutho Gaan”?

Fahmida: Well, that is a tough question to answer, I obviously want to make my fans happy since we received a lot of appreciation for it, but it depends on Bappa completely. I just sing and he does everything from creating the music to choosing his co-artist, so you better ask Bappa about it, but I personally would love to work on another “Ek Mutho Gaan”.

By Rownak Nowrin Haque

The Daily Star

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